"The input from Mr. Cannefax was invaluable.  It allowed me to make decisions in respect to the future of my company that were very difficult to even try to think about before Mr. Cannefax worked with us.  With the changes in the economy in 2009, changes in the way medical professionals use the diagnostic machines we manufacture, changes in International banking and with the upward trending of the Euro, Mr. Cannefax worked tirelessly and helped to change the direction of our company so we could survive.  I am happy to say we are still in business today because of the leadership provided and taught by Mr. Cannefax to my managers during our worst times in our business history."

Alessio Romani,
LACE Electronica, srl
Rome, Italy.

"We engaged Mr. Cannefax to help start a new company that was intended to be merged with two other companies in the future.  Mr. Cannefax acquired a small telecommunications company, grew that small company into a mid-size telco with four U.S. offices and International operations and increased revenue to over $10 million in two years.  In 1996, my investment company acquired full ownership of Apollo Telecom, completed the mergers and moved company operations to Tokyo where we grew in size because of the management model Mr. Cannefax implemented while operating the U.S. company.  In 2004 Mr. Cannefax helped Apollo be acquired by NTT."

Hideo Goto,
Goto Investment Consortium
Tokyo, Japan

"After an extended period of struggles and decreasing sales, I retained Mr. Cannefax  to consult and help  restructure Vermax's sales organization. The results were immediately apparent and I retained Ray's services for a 12 month period.  In  approximately four months, we took a blood-red bottom line into dark gray. Within six months out bottom line was black.  The top line increases were astonishing.  He helped us regained distributors we had lost and brought sales increase to a level where we had to expand to a  larger facility to meet the increased manufacturing demand.  The improved finances gave us the opportunity to acquire a similar company in California and we expanded into a new industry segment which we had not previously considered. I continue to be completely satisfied with the program Mr. Cannefax developed for Vermax and all he did to turn our sinking operations around.  We have since grown into one of the strongest manufacturers and suppliers in the hospitality industry manufacturing arena."

Leif Anderson,
Vermax Industries, Inc.
Riverside, CA

"Ray Cannefax was instrumental in our ability to compete in the highly competitive arena of motorsports.  The American Indy Car Series was revived with the concepts and strategies deployed by Ray.  We not only overcame the competitive efforts of the other two major Indy Car racing series, Ray also managed to gain support from a NASCAR renown France family member and executive of NASCAR.  Ray also assembled the video production team that helped us create a marketing video that is exceptional and which aired on the Jay Lenno and David Letterman shows".

Bret Decker
Pan American Motorsports, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT


"Our investors were preparing to close our doors because our productivity and related profitability had fallen so sharply for more than a year.  As an engineering firm involved in the electronic circuit industry sector, competition from outside the state was killing our opportunities.  With guidance from Mr. Cannefax and employing the tactics defined in his book, we began the gradual process of bringing our company back to where we could pay our bills.  Sixteen months after returning to profitability, with Mr. Cannefax's guidance, we were acquired by a major electronic products manufacturer in Oakland, CA and returned to our investors the investment they had made, along with a small profit."

Dennis Thalmann
Trident Manufacturing
Salt Lake City, UT