Raymond Cannefax

Management Consultant,, Entrepreneur, Author & Educator is the author of "Successful Management 101, The Manager's Manual",  He continues to serve as President & Chairman of Emergency Traffic Alert, Inc., a company developing technology designed to save lives of Law Enforcement and First Responders.  Mr. Cannefax is engaged with the Granite School District as an Educator and as a contributor to a local college in the area of Cultural Diversity.

Mr. Cannefax began his management career in 1978 at AT&T.  His successful management style was recognized by Saudi entrepreneur,  Adnon Khashoggi, who recruited him to manage the global telecommunication operations at Triad America, Inc. and to launch one of the first Shared Tenant Communications venture in the US at the Triad complex the company built in the heart of Salt Lake City.  In 1986 Mr. Cannefax joined Sprint Communications and under the tutelage of Sprint's CEO, Wm. Essrey and Sammy Freeman he developed the skills that aided sales management to achieve a higher level of success. During this period, Mr. Cannefax and Mr. Freeman created a management process that became the developmental management training tool for Spint's Western States sales operations. During his tenure at Sprint, Mr. Cannefax and Mr. Freeman succeeded at restructuring Sprint's Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City (twice), and Los Angeles sales offices. Mr. Cannefax opened and managed the Spokane, WA and Boise, ID sales districts prior to his promotion to Senior Regional Director - West Division.

Following  his successful career at Sprint, Mr. Cannefax  founded three private ventures, Apollo Telecom, Inc., eComOnly, Inc., and Emergency Traffic Alert, Inc.. Using his turn-around expertise, he helped restructure Fox Communications of Utah, Inc., Vermax, Inc., Paradigm Medical Industries, Inc., and provided restructuring expertise to Escalon Medical Corporation's Asia/Pacific Division.  He was instrumental in aiding with the restructure of MEDA Medical Device Co., a Chinese medical device manufacturer.

Lessons learned and the ability to "teach what works" are the basis of "Successful Management 101"  Throughout his career, Mr. Cannefax employed the strategies and tactics defined in the book and attributes the success of the companies he restructured and/or managed, as well as his success, to adhering to those guidelines. With technology advances and changes in business practices, the second edition of "Successful Management 101", being release in 2020, is current and up-to-date..

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As a business consultant, Mr. Cannefax successfully employed these practices with corporate clients that include Brown & Root, Questar Corp., Gold Standard, Inc., Center for Personal Protection and Safety (CPPS), Vermax, MEDA Medial, Escalon Medical's Asia/Pacific Region, ProVital, Inc., and others.  Having spent considerable time in Asia and Europe, managing and consulting to International Corporations, Mr. Cannefax has an exceptional understanding of International cultures and the diplomatic capability for effectively dealing with foreign executives.  Mr. Cannefax has successfully negotiated management and manufacturing contracts in China, Italy, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

No other management text or tool defines and delivers both, Strategies and Tactics necessary for success,.  The readily usable tools, documents, and templates allow users to begin implementing the Successful Management process immediately.  Thirteen years in development, "Successful Management 101", and two years in creating the second edition,  it is available from Amazon or by ordering it from our site by going to. our "Contact Us" page. 

In the words of one of IOMEGA's  founders: "This is the best management book I have read, bar none.  It addresses everything one needs in order to succeed with any organization of any size - directives, tactics, basic business acumen, and tools to implement the success oriented strategies that are clearly defined and delivered."
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