Raymond Cannefax

Mr. Cannefax, the author of "Successful Management 101" is a recognized Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author & Educator.   After a successful 35-year business career, he retired Paradigm Medical Industries, Inc., where he served as the company's President & CEO and restructured Paradigm Medical to succeeding in the Ophthalmic marketplace with their diagnostic devices. Following four years of retirement, he returned to the business sector as a consultant, and as an Educator, teaching at the University of Utah and adding curriculum to American history.

Mr. Cannefax began his management career in 1978 with AT&T.  His successful management style was recognized by Saudi business magnet, Adnon Khashoggi, who recruited him to manage the global telecommunication operations at Triad, Inc. At Triad he launched one of the first Shared Tenant Communications venture in the United States at the Triad Center complex in the heart of Salt Lake City.  In 1986 Mr. Cannefax joined Sprint Communications as a member of the team comprised of Sprint's CEO, Wm. Esarey and V.P. Sammy Freeman which developed the process that helped Sprint's sales management in achieving increased revenue and company growth. Mr. Cannefax and Mr. Freeman created a revolutionary management process that became training program for Spint's Western Division management. Mr. Cannefax and Mr. Freeman succeeded at restructuring Sprint's sales operations. Mr. Cannefax was appointed as Senior Regional Director of Sprint's West Division.

Following his success Sprint, Mr. Cannefax founded Apollo Telecom, Inc., an International telecommunication provider. Upon selling Apollo to Japan's Hideo Investment consortium, he employed his management process to restructure Fox Communications of Utah, Inc. and Paradigm Medical Industries, Inc., where he served as President & CEO for seven years. Prior to joining Paradigm, he directed the restructure of MEDA Medical Device Co., a Chinese medical device manufacturer.

"Teach what works" is the basis of "Successful Management 101."  Throughout his career, Mr. Cannefax employed the strategies and tactics defined in the book and attributes the success of companies he restructured and managed, as well as his personal success to adhering to those guidelines presented therein. With technology advances and changes in business practices, the revised, second edition of "Successful Management 101", will be available in late-2024.
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