This  book delivers the essential information and tools necessary to guide any size organization to SUCCESS.  SUCCESS oriented strategies, tactics and related tools are clearly defined. Vivid examples of how to apply these tools are concisely delivered in this "must read" management book.  

The content guides a manager or business owner from the initial process of sourcing and hiring qualified employees, to developing successful teams, and managing those teams to the highest possible levels of SUCCESS.  

Management is both, an art and a science; skills developed over time. "Successful Management 101" deliver the tools necessary for developing over-achievers who strive to maximize their performance for both corporate and personal and benefit.

SECTION 1 : Management Philosophies, Best Practices and Strategies delivers the developmental components that create exceptional managers.  Exceptional Managers are those who develop Exceptional Teams and individuals who accelerate to higher career levels by exceeding job requirements.

SECTION 2 :  The Management Process begins with Interviewing perspectives and continues with tactics that help employees excel in their careers.  Managers learn how to motivate their team members to exceed expectations and deliver maximum performance. Included are tactics of how to deal with performance issues, save struggling employees, and management skills up through the final and unpleasant chore of termination.  

Management Philosophies and Best Practices
  •    Keep Good Employees
  •    Develop and Challenge your Employees
  •    As a Manager, be of Steel and Velvet
  •    Manage by Example
  •    Inspect what you Expect
  •    Give Employees Responsibility for Devising Solutions
  •    Praise in Public and Repiemand in Private
  •    Regardless of the situation, never take away a Person's          Dignity
  •    Be Honest with Yourself so you can be Honest with Others
  •    Quit Pushing once the Monentum gets going, just Guide Them
  •    Never Accept Mediocrity
  •    Challenge Yourself as you Challenge your Team
  •    Maintain a Reasonable Balance

SECTION 2:  The Management Process

Successful Management Practices
  •    Interviewing and Affirmative Action
  •    Employee Communication
  •    Open Door Policy
  •    Executive Interviews
  •    Success Action Workshop
  •    Career Counseling
  •    Career Development
  •    Performance Appraisal and Reviews
  •    Performance Issues
  •    Termination of Employment
Management Strategies
  •    Hire and Develop Great People
  •    Pay your Employees Fairly
  •    Manage by Objective
  •    Provide a Professional Environment
  •    Recognize and Reward Performance
  •    Quality, Quality and more Quality
  •    The Customer is Always Right
  •    Win with Integrithy
  •    Insist on Honesty
  •    Communication
  •    Strive for Excellence
  •    Inspect what you Expect
  •    Create Career Paths
  •    Eliminate Employee Turn-over
  •    Consistency
  •    Be a Leader as well as a Manager
  •    Support your Team and each Player

SECTION 1:  Management Philosophies, Best Practices and Strategies
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Second Edition will be available in mid- 2024.  A very limited number of Edition 1 books are available at the present time.

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Successful Management 101 
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